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December 17th, 2015 22 Comments

Deer 011 (Small)


When Daniel Boone goes by at night,

The phantom deer arise

And all lost, wild America

Is burning in their eyes.

Rosemary and Stephen Vincent Benet

Deer 015 (Small)

Another buck (with a consort) taken only about a mile, as the Condor soars, from where I saw the first one. Note how steeply the land falls away in the background; these mountains are not to be taken lightly.


Deer 029 (Small)

And yet another, this one only about a quarter mile from the one immediately above.


Elk and doe

And finally, a great photo, taken by a dear friend, of a massive bull and a diminutive and very young doe or, more likely, an honest-to-God fawn, keeping each other company.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Eye Candy” is right!

    Beautiful animals.

    Thanks for sharing, JP! 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely BREATHTAKING! Thanks for posting!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful. The elk is truly magnificent. I had the opportunity to travel to Alaska this year and was able to photograph some moose and eagles. Always a fortunate sight to see wildlife in their own surounding considering the crazy world we live in.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful pics

  5. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for posting such loveliness.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I spent a lot of time in the woods this past Autumn bow hunting deer here in Wisconsin. I had decided going into the hunting season I was going to be very selective in what I harvested, if anything. I ended up seeing many deer, and not taking any. I had two perfect situations where using calls had brought in the bucks and presented 20 yard shots broadside shots… like I said it was perfect. Didn’t release any arrows though.

    I spent the bow season watching deer and studying them from my ground blind while my bow sat idle in my hands. I have no pictures of animals to show for the hundreds of hours I spent in the woods, just my memory and the notes I took in my field journal. Looking back I don’t regret not taking a deer and putting some meat in the freezer. It was a truly remarkable Autumn here in the Mid-West. Warmer than usual which made my favorite season run long.

    Anyway, the pictures you shared reminds me that I spend my time in the woods because I love being there surrounded by nature. It’s nice getting a deer or two, but… 75% of the reason I am there is because I love seeing, smelling, hearing, and feeling nature all around me. When my soul gets depleted I head to my cabin and surround myself with peace and nature to refill it.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    TD Bauer

    p.s. I’m not taking next year off…there will be venison in the freezer. You ever want to experience a Wisconsin hunt, if you haven’t already, just let me know.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hello JP,

    “Eye Candy” is exactly what I needed. Thanks for these wonderful fotos. I’m just glad I can write a comment again. It was a delight reading your book review (yesterday in the office ….)
    I’ve had a little bad luck recently. I was just trying to write a comment to “The Rules of Debate” and while I got excited about the unfairness this entire debate proceeds with powder sugar in my hair I quite suddenly had a black screen. Great!
    My star shaped cinnamon stars burnt in the oven while I tried to fix the problem. Thank God I made the dang thing run again today – don’t ask me how…. 😉 !
    Well, I really appreciate your constant fight and your endurance for the unrestrained preservation of the second amendment by thoroughly researched facts anyone should be able to comprehend. But honestly, sometimes from this far, it seems like a fight against windmills to me….
    And I’ve really missed your book/film reviews. This time you’ve picked a classic again. I admit I had never seen a foto of Maugham but now I understand why it is said that he was irascible. My respect to his work and his other merits but I have really very rarely seen anyone with so much anger shown in the facial features.
    It’s sad that you could enjoy your schooldays so little and your recent description sounds really allusively depressing. I wish you had more postive memories of my home country. But I can tell you the town hasn’t actually grown much bigger ever since….;)
    Cross your fingers for me please that this tablet will go on running stably!

    Best pre-Christmas wishes


    • NW,
      You misunderstand me. I have no truly fond or positive memories of any of my schools or schooling (until I got to college, which I loved), but I have nothing but fond and happy memories of Germany:
      The magnificent Rhine; the Drachenfels and countless other castles up and down the length of the river; camping trips with the Nerother Wandervogel (I can’t put the umlaut in); lovely little half-timbered villages that survived the war; the cathedral in Koln; the food, in particular the dense and hearty peasant rye bread that spoiled me for the aerated sawdust that passes for bread in America and that I have spent a lifetime trying to replicate in my own kitchen (with some success, he says proudly); the beer and wine my father let me sample; the sense of history on every corner and at every turn of road or river; the girls in their light summer dresses who always reminded me of princesses or goddesses in the Norse sagas; an elderly Baroness who lived in a pink Wasserburg north of Koln, who let me spend hours looking at the swords and spears hanging on the walls in the great hall; the wild boars the other Nerother Wandervogel and I saw in the forest on the Belgian/German border (I don’t think we even knew or cared which country we were in); the kindness of those rough, inner-city boys who let me go camping with them; the wonderful smell, like burning sugar, that hung in the air of every little village; the vineyards clinging to the slopes of the Mosel (my father’s favorite wine); a thousand other memories that have helped shaped who I am today. I loved Germany.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yup. Welcome back, Fezziwig!

      • Anonymous says:

        Hello JP,

        eye-candy and heart-balm!
        Thank you for your kind, no, for your wonderful words. I confess I’ve actually hoped so much that you’ve liked the country and the people more than school
        itself but I haven’t expected this overwhelming and deeply touching response.
        No doubt the Middle Rhine Valley with all its little villages, castles and vineyards is the right place for incorrigibly romantics.
        Although -realistically considered- the appearance of princesses and goddesses probably was due to juvenile hormonal overproduction… 😉
        Nevertheless thank you so much again!!!

        Best wishes


        PS: For I probably won’t be able to write again before I’d even now lieke to
        wish you a merry Christmas. Some quiet and happy days for you and your family! !!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow! So beautiful!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Merci pour ce petit voyage dans de si beaux paysages 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing. So I take it these were taken in Kern County then? How long ago, recently? Any snow there yet?

  11. Anonymous says:


    Some of us have a different idea of what eye candy is.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Merry Christmas JP and Darlene and to all your readers
    My wish is for peace on earth and good will to all mankind

    Tena French Halifax NS Canada

    • Anonymous says:

      Très bon Noël à vous aussi Tena ainsi qu’à tous !!!!! Et que des étoiles de bonheur brillent dans nos yeux pour très longtemps…….

      • Anonymous says:

        Merci mon ami Anitia! Je croix dans Pierre Noel!
        J’adore paix de monde


        Tena French Halifax NS Canada

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yes indeed, EXCELLENT photos–beautiful critters, beautiful country! That one of the bull elk and the deer fawn together–unique as well as beautiful! You oughta blow that one up and frame it!…..L.B.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Those are beautiful photos!
    Nancy Darlene

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